Full Frontal POLL

Full Frontal is terrible. Which I suppose makes it a great test. What part of FF is the WORST? :thinking:

  • NM (5sec)
  • MAP (5min)
  • FTP (20min)
  • AC (1min)
  • The week prior…
  • The day after…

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100% it’s the 5 mins MAP test, followed by 20 minute test with the week leading up to it a close third. I quite ‘enjoy’ the sprints and trying to finish that last minute, it’s horrendous but at least there’s no time to think about it and once it’s over you’ve finished the whole experience!


No option for ALL OF THE ABOVE?


20 minute FTP.

Who new 20 minutes could be so long. For me, the mental part is as challenging as the physical.


Map weakness here, and that map section damn near kills me every time. Ftp somehow feels easier after I blow up or nearly blow up on map.

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Another vote for all of the above…. Choosing just one, has to be the 20 min - just based on pain and suffering brought on from the previous efforts.