Full frontal the same as RGT FTP Test 2?

I’m interested to know if the FTP Test 2 in the RGT app is the same as Systm Full Frontal?
If not, can you export Full Frontal from Systm into RGT?

Personally I would not consider these two workouts comparable or the same.

Sorry about the horizontal scaling (upper diagram is Full frontal, bottom is RGT FTP2 test) - Full frontal has 58 minutes, while RGT FTP2 test has 50 minutes. Also see the sprints and the last (AC) interval in Full frontal.

I hope that integration between Systm and RGT workouts is the future and I am looking forward to it.

great question! Although the graphs look similar, the FF is measuring the 4 components of your power profile whereas in the RGT FTP test 2, this is purely measuring your FTP. The higher intensity sections before the main block are ensuring you are fully warmed up before taking on the 20min block.


Hi @mikesicalbicycle - the FTP Test 2 on RGT is not the same as Full Frontal in SYSTM. We are working on getting SYSTM workouts into RGT, but there’s some additional engineering work to enable 4DP training methodology into RGT.