Full Frontal - To Stand or Not To Stand, That is the Question

When I’ve done my Full Frontal examination (Rubber Glove - anyone?) I’ve always attacked the 5sec NM sections by standing up on the pedals, thus adding some considerable weight to the muscular only power I can generate.

However, when I come across any NM in the workouts, particularly Violator and The Shovel, I find that I am struggling to maintain form without a large drop in cadence. This happen when in ERG mode.

Clearly that is not so much of a problem in Slope mode, but then I do like the App setting my power targets and the Kickr has no problem with rapid changed in power. It also means I can’t chicken out when stressed (no offence to chickens!)

So my question: should I remain seated during Full Frontal and have a lower NM 4DP profile and easier targets, or attack the 5 second sprint…?

The same question applies to the 1min AP where I attack the first 15-20secs by standing.

So: To Stand or Not To Stand, That is the Question…

The simplest answer I think is whatever it takes to generate maximum power for 5s. I’m pretty sure I stand every time. Funny I e done this test 25 times and it escapes me what I do for those 5s. Yeah - stand - I’m sure I stand and full out out over the bars sprint
Doesn’t actually say sit or stand in the guidance so I think it’s up to you.

And if ERG then is bogging you down in thing like violator / shovel … switch to level mode for the 5s efforts maybe. I’m the same by the way - I use ERG even for these workouts … though I usually switch for the super short NM ones as the natural reduction
in power just happens. The idea is full out no matter what and your body will determine whatever full out is.

I forget which is which - one of these is all short stuff … I think go level for almost all of the really short stuff and switch to erg when the intervals reach 20s

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I would always stand for the 5s effort in Full Frontal, and for a good chunk of the minute. I think that is expected if you look at the guidance. While I’m no expert, having only done Violator twice, my suggestion would be to use level mode. The description suggests efforts should be at your maximum, last time I was way above the target watts at the start, and some way below by the end. But the point is that they were all the maximum I could give at that time. If I had been in ERG mode I would have been under maximum for most of the first half and then failing around halfway through the last section. Hope that makes sense?