Fun & Sport event on RGT : Le Quiz ou La Cuisse

Hi !
The monthly episode of our fun & sportsy event “Le Quiz ou la Cuisse” is ready !

Thursday 30th of March, 8pm UTC

Part 1 : A quiz at 7:20pm (UTC). Link to the quiz will be shared on the stream ( EN : Twitch / FR : Twitch ) and on the WAHOO_RGT_CYCLING discord. You get more points if you answer correctly and fast.

The quiz score translates into a « weight loss » bonus that will be communicated to you via the stream and discord.

Part 2 : Once you applied the weight loss bonus, race this spiral mountain : First to cross the line wins !

Good luck, Have fun !

Reminder : it’s this Thursday and it allows for a bit of fun for once :smiley:
Hope to see you all there !

Last call : it’s today !
You can already register for the race at :

Link for the quiz
english version : For students — Enter a Quizizz Code
french version : For students — Enter a Quizizz Code

Quite a crowd tonight!

Tyler Bronder took the good escape on the quiz with an amazing score of 14 correct answers on 20 questions (never seen, the record was 12 until then :nerd_face: :sweat_smile: )
At this little game, on the French side, Romain came to steal the first place from Benjamin, who, for once, did not manage to finish at the top of the quiz but took the 2nd place.

This was followed by a race as difficult as ever. With his weight bonus gained on the quiz, Tyler Bronder :us: climbed the infernal spiral at a frantic pace, creating enough of a gap to secure not only the victory, but also the new circuit record in 22’22! Congratulations!

Behind, Turgay and Jérôme Colisson (1st French :fr: , who thus steals the national title from Benjamin) complete the podium.

Congratulations to you and thank you for participating :muscle:


Merci beaucoup for putting on a great event!

This is a great event or Magic Road to ride for those looking to have a spicy MAP workout. The gradient changes follow a sine wave with decreasing period to the summit, then the reverse on the way down so it’s perfect for a MAP surge + tempo over-under session… kind of like Model but a little bit longer efforts.

I’ll plan on coming back next month and hopefully the brain and the thighs are ready to take a run at a sub 22’ effort.


Here’s full directions to load a magic road, as it’s a little complicated the first time.

  • Open the RGT App, go to Menu > Magic Roads
  • In the Search box, paste in the Magic Road ID: ZTwR4Q3DUVNx
  • Click Search button and the road will be added to your library

To ride it right away, you just hit the “Quick Ride” button and an event will start in about 5 minutes. You can now also go and schedule an Event (group ride or race) for any time later since the road will now appear in your library.