Garmin needs to be added as a Linked Account

No need to expand further, but Garmin needs to be added as a linked account option. It is available for the Systm workouts, so maybe it will happen soon.




The ever vigilant @RGT-FB-Moderator has spotted that this feature is in beta testing ATM:


Hi there, any updates on this topic?
It’s really important to me to have all my rides from RGT synched to Garmin Connect.
Thanks in advance for all the coments.

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I don’t think there is an advertised date but I gather the Wahoo RGT team are still working on it.

How does something like this take so long?

Im using a saris H3 smart trainer shich records power, cadence, etc and my garmin watch as well during my workouts on RGT. However, after the rise and it auto syncing to TrainingPeaks (and from training peaks to my garmin account) NONE of the power data is included nor is the distance of the ride.

Im about to just abandon garmin tbh! Im not riding indoors all winter and never having my training status and VO2 max updated.


Hoping something is coming soon! Indoor season is here and I’d like to aggregate my workouts on / off the bike (ie use Garmin Training stress).


Moderators, let’s bump this up. It’s clearly very important to all. Zwift allows for it… And so does Systm X, why not RGT


Another bump to keep this on the agenda.

Come on Wahoo you are in competition with Zwift to the point of litigation yet you don’t address this obvious competitive advantage you are handing them on a plate!

We know your in competition with Garmin too but you must recognise that a large proportion of athletes use Connect to aggregate training data.


One more vote.

Really I’d like to see the ability to set up the sync in one place for RGT and SYSTM and have all activities from either app synched. But the major headache now is RGT into Garmin, as I put all my data into Connect.


I also would appreciate to have the direct link. Exporting the fit file and importing it to Connect is a workaround but a sucking one.

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YUP - this seems pretty basic and odd that SYSTEM does it and RGT does not. And RGT can export to SYSTEM so the functionality is there already. I get that Garmin is a competitor of Wahoo, but not of RGT. I seems a real shame.

Bumping this thread to see if any updates on this


I’m just speculating, but the SYSTM to Garmin integration predates the Wahoo acquisition so perhaps from Garmin’s side they “grandfathered” it and won’t revoke, but they won’t let any new Wahoo apps connect.

I’ve been in similar situations with commercial software integration and have done pretty much the same thing. Our biggest competitor in enterprise software bought 4 companies we used to subcontract to and we have to awkwardly keep working with them to keep the customers happy while simultaneously trying to kick them out.

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I’ve come to the same conclusion as your speculation. Garmin wants to really really really control the automatic uploading functionality and they may have wished they never did it in the first place, so it would make sense for the agreement to be very specific.