Good Full Frontal Recovery ride?

Just did a full monty and looking for a good recovery ride (not too easy) in the SYSTM library. Anyone have any suggestions? Got back to riding about a week ago. Experienced rider; but years since I was on the road (injuries and stuff).

@batla Have you tried Recharger? Also check out the Inspiration videos - many of them are geared towards different levels of recovery along with some that are more focused on endurance.


Thanks @JSampson. Done Recharger and I liked it. Looking for other options. I feel “good” after my full monty. Found on another thread Team Scream & Cobbler (too long at this juncture).

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@batla Note that you can sort by length of video and also by category to narrow down your selections. Maybe check out Across the Mountains which is a good active recovery ride that is about 45 minutes long.


Thanks once again @JSampson!

I’m curious. Did you do Half Monty or Full Frontal?

Half Monty is a ramp test with a 20 minute constrained heart rate interval following the ramp. This tests the 2 most commonly used intervals of the 4DP. That’s why it’s called Half.

Full Frontal tests all 4 intervals, providing a snapshot of your cycling profile.

There is no workout titled Full Monty.

Hah! I meant Full Frontal. I guess subconsciously I was thinking of the movie title. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I did the Team Scream day after (today) and it was a great ride for me after the test.


I edited your title to reflect your intentions :slight_smile: