Good time to change account password?

I have a background in IT and the rumours that Garmin was hacked and is possibly dealing with a ransomware attack creates all sorts of red flags. Hopefully they just had a server crash… but regardless I’d say it’s always a good time to review those Strava, TP, Wahoo, Sufferfest account passwords and make sure they are all unique.


How do you change your password in Sufferfest? I couldn’t find where to do it. Txs,.

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In the forum you can click on your image -choose preferences and then account and you’ll see an option to reset your password. There might be a faster way. But remember your forum password and Sufferfest account password are different (I think?!?). So you’ll want to make sure both are unique / and if I can recommend - use the 2 factor authentication option offered for the forum password - for piece of mind.

Keep the forum for sufferlandrians not couchlandrians. :slight_smile:

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@Vansover I think the best way to reset your password for The Sufferfest app - is to go to the login page for The Sufferfest using a web browser - and rather than log in choose ‘forgot password’ and a link will be sent to your email address registered to your Sufferfest account that allows you to reset you password.

However, I don’t want to assume I know better than Sufferfest tech support. Might be better to contact them directly.


+1 on having unique passwords for every site and setting up two-factor authentication.

I use a password manager, which makes generating new passwords very easy, and means that I don’t have to remember any of them. In this current context, it means that my Garmin account may be compromised, but no other account is affected.

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@DancingCyclist @Vansover Yep, the only way at present to reset your password is to click on the “forgot password” link at login - you should then be sent an email where you’ll be able to then reset your password. Cheers!


There was a post on the Sailing Anarchy forums about Garmin having GPS issues right now. Whatever they are, it’s creating havoc with users.

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TrainingPeaks actually has something to that effect on their splash page and in mirroring email. But, yeah, a good time to check those passwords to make sure it’s not the same kind of thing an idiot would put on his luggage.

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