Group ride with American pro rider as a guest (no steering ;) )

The return from group rides with guests !
American pro rider Kaia Schmid will be the guest (World Tour, Human Health Powered team).

Practicalities: 2 rounds of Leuven, rubberband ON (no steering :wink: ) a jersey to be won (read the description)

Link will show you your local time. If I’m not mistaken : Wednesday 7:15 New York time
Wednesday 4:15pm Vancouver time
Thursday 9:15am Sydney time


I’ll be there and while I will quietly resent you for killing my chances of getting that jersey I hope you’ll join too.

2am the day before a family holidays (with driving involved especially) … you might get that extra 6% chance from me :wink:
Don’t forget that to win the jersey, you need to wear the “human powered health” kit while riding the event

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Thanks for the reminder. I will shortly be wearing the Human Powered Health jersey in real life! :slight_smile:


Oh really ? you won it ? :wink:

I did! Granted there was like a 1 in 6 chance of winning based on turnout / wearing the jersey in-game (and only folks in US/Canada/Europe were eligible which ruled out a couple more).

The organizer–Karen from HPH team management–said they’d be doing events monthly at different times so keep an eye out for more chances to meet a pro and win some prizes.

One bummer is that since Voice chat/race radio is opt-in (you have to click Voice and toggle On) only half of the participants were hearing Kaia chat with us. Hopefully Wahoo folks can support these events better in the future by making sure they’re promoted, tweaking RGT settings or having a rep in the event to help folks work through kinks and promote app features.


Yes, it would help greatly if “promoted” (when setting up an event, you choose between promoted/private) events could be seen by everybody, without the need to additionally reach 20 signups (which is too high of a bar : even Wahoo-backed event did not reach that number)

Either they limit the signups needed or they allow to tick a box with “show promoted events”

If 10 people prefer to set up their events in their corners, because they didn’t see each other’s events, that’s

  • people that could have ridden together missing each other
  • 10 servers spaces rented instead of 1 to pay for RGT
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