Half Monty no instructions or figures during ride

Did half Monty
Became aware that there were no on screen instructions. Checked that story was switched on.
Completed the ramp. No figures or targets given.
I remembered that target last time was about 159 hr.
So tried to stick to that.
I have figures at the end but not sure how valid they are.
Was a bit distracted by this so maybe did not give it my best shot, though did reach HR187
. I would like to repeat that if I know it is going to work
Any help please minions?


I’m so sorry that you had trouble with Half Monty, that’s certainly odd that you didn’t have any onscreen instructions. Can you please send an email to theminions@thesufferfest.com so we can look into this further for you?

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Just to let you know I had the same problem today.

I also had some figures in mind to estimate the target HR, from when I tested HM when it had been tested and developed in 2019.
I also got new numbers, but have no clue if I kept the right HR range during the second part.

I have already emailed the minions about this issue.

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It was fixed by reinstalling the app.