Hard to look at

Who Dares, March 2018 vs Who Dares, May 2024. :slightly_frowning_face:


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Hang in there man, it happens

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Getting old.

Wish it was just my NP that was fading…

Still 150W more than a Couchlandrian.



you are where you are. but what Sir Erik @TrapMeSuf said!!

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We all have great days and then there are meh days. That said, you are still on the bike and I have several Sufferlandrians who can’t ride for various reasons. Health is the major one.

Phew, for a second after seeing the headline and the screenshot I feared I messed something up with the design of the activity cards :sweat_smile:

I feel your pain, Eric. I had a knee surgery and some further injury setbacks. Still chasing my old power numbers. But two positive notes: 1. My (and probably your) power numbers are better than a month ago. 2. It still takes the same time to do the workout - so did we really get slower?! I’d say no! And outdoors on the same route I get to enjoy it longer!


So long as you are still suffering as much as you did in 2018, that is all that matters.


I’m about 40 watts lower today than I was 6 years ago too. But I’m 20 watts higher than when I started getting serious again, so it’s all good. I used to be able to avg 20mph too outside on my park loop but I can’t come close to that anymore unless I’m in a pack, and that doesn’t count. I used to be the one that everyone would try to latch on.