Hello, is there anybody out there?!?

Would it be impolite to request a little update from the Wahoo RGT team? We haven’t had an update in quite a while. Communication or software. Even just a little “We are hard at work. Thanks Wahoo RGT Team”.

I apologize if I missed it on social channels.




I haven’t spotted anything. I agree that it would be great to hear what the plans are… although maybe they are still figuring things out.

For anyone that didn’t see the reply to Brian in RGT FB User Group, Lucian Gramescu from RGT replied: You’re correct, we actually ARE hard at work on some bigger, slower things, which is why some time has passed since our last update.

As always, we prefer showing (aka releasing) to telling, but a few high-level points: we’re working on a big technology update to make RGT more optimized, especially for non-gaming hardware; improving the Magic Roads parser to make it easier to get good roads; adding a few tools to the website on Magic Roads; and some other small, but very useful updates.

We’re expecting a patch in about a month, depending on testing.

Oh, and a painful bug preventing some Apple users from connecting (incompatibility with Private Relay) has also been fixed recently.