Help with Apple TV?

In the last 2 weeks I’ve gotten myself a Wahoo kicker V5. I have set it up and want to try out the different platforms. Started out with zwift, to ride with some friends, now I want to try RGT for the Magic Road feature etc. However, the app won’t recognize my Kickr. I even completely deleted the zwift app and still no luck. So I then downloaded Rouvy and it recognized the Kickr right away. I redownloaded zwift and am able to switch back and forth between zwift and rouvy without issue. Tried RGT again and it still doesn’t recognize. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey @Possum15, welcome to the forums!

Do you have a subscription to WahooX, I think you need one to use the MagicRoads feature.

Anyway, getting setup on AppleTV isn’t the most intuitive and there is a wee bit of a learning curve but once you’ve done it a couple of times it isn’t overly complicated.

Here is a link to the support site on getting your Kickr (and an HRM if you have one) connected. AppleTV only allows 2 BTLE connections but the Kickr V5 can be used as one connection for control, power, speed and cadence so your HRM can be the second one. There is also a remote app that you’d use separately on your mobile device but this is not strictly necessary.

Here is a quick screenshot of what you are looking for once you have opened the app, navigated to the Menu, Sensors option:

and navigating to the Menu

Check back in and let us know how you’re getting along. Magic Roads is a whole other story but the instructions on the wahoo support site are very good.

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I have one anecdotal comment to add to @Glen.Coutts’ great summary above. One of the slightly strange things that happens with my setup (Apple TV, Tacx Flux S, Scosche Rhythm 24 HR) is that I usually need to open up the sensors menu before my HRM will get picked up. I don’t necessarily need to change and toggles…I just need to go to the sensors screen to ‘wake it up’. In the past, I have had the same issue with my trainer itself. I now always load up the sensors screen as I start my warm up to check that things are working and the values are registering.

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Oh, one other thing: to create Magic Roads and ride them (e.g. in events you create yourself) then you need to have a premium account (i.e. a paid account, or at least the free trial of premium). However, there are lots of events (races and group rides) that you can take part in without paying so you can get a feel for the experience. Only RGT’s events and other officially sanctioned events are in in the RGT app (or on the RGT website). There are some additional events in RGTDb. In addition, there is an RGT Facebook group on which events are advertised.

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Thanks for the replies. I was able to get it working after doing the unthinkable…. I watched the tutorial :joy:. Not a paid subscriber yet. Trying a few different ones out. Not a racer, just a 56 yr old diabetic trying to stay ahead of the curve.


Good stuff. There are some good videos that the RGT team made that cover some of the basics, and the Wahoo support pages are reasonable albeit slightly patchy in places. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



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