High CPU usage causing lag and freezing [windows app]

Today I ran into a problem where the windows app will start to use what appears to be an unreasonable high amount of CPU power, and the app starts to lag and eventually freeze. It started happening about 40 minutes into a workout. I tried force closing the app a couple of times and restarting the workout, but after a minute or two the app would start lagging and eventually freezing again. I also tried doing the workout with no video, and it did not make a difference. It does not appear to be related to the workout at all. Right now, just having the app open causes it to slowly use more and more CPU until it freezes after a few minutes. The app is currently using 25-30% of the my computers CPU just by being open, it should not under normal circumstances use that much CPU just by being open and doing nothing.

I’ve tried restarting the computer, and it did not make a difference either.

I am going to re-install the app now, and hope that it resolves the issue.

Check your app is up to date. There was an issue a while ago causing this.

I’m on 6.20, so it shouldn’t be because I’m using an older version.

I tried re-installing and it seemed to fix the problem in the short term, but the problem happened again today about 1 hour into the workout, which meant I had to stop and reinstall if I wanted to continue my workout, which wasn’t ideal.