Home screen redesign // statistics overview

Whenever I open the app I’m always a bit underwhelmed by the home screen. It’s basically today’s session(s) with to the right the ‘Take a tour of the app’ button/video.

As someone who’s been using the app for quite some time, I don’t need an overview of the app. I know what I can and cannot do and have figured out how to use the app. Wouldn’t be nicer to have some user statistics there? Current 4DP-profile, a graph with TSS over the past week/month, km/miles ridden over the past week. If you’re on a training plan, some upcoming sessions, whether this week is a rest week or not, …

There’s lots of interesting data the app could visualise and show us on the home screen to make it more like an actual dashboard. And it would fit a lot better than ‘an introduction to The Sufferfest’. Just a suggestion.

Yeah, I’ve always wondered why when I go to the webpage I’m encouraged to take a 7 day trial when I’ve been a member for 10 months.
Good idea. A real welcome / home screen.


There was I believe some work being done about a “dashboard” type look when a user logged in vs someone new. I have asked for this is the past as I have been a Sufferlandrian since 2013. Lets see if we get a reply from the Minions.

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Simple answer here: Yep! We need a better homepage in the app. It needs to be dynamic and it needs to be dynamic in a way that provides the user information that is customized for them and their SUF journey.