How any why would you need to adjust power levels in ERG mode?

How and why would you need to adjust power levels in erg mode?
When you turn on erg mode it defaults to 100 watts, will this just run like it does when using erg mode on Sufferfest videos?

RGT uses sim mode, meaning it controls resistance, not power, based on the physical factors of the virtual ride. e.g. A hill will be higher resistance. Power will depend on how hard you work. ERG mode is used for doing workouts where where the app/trainer controls power.


@Nathan_Koch I am not sure I have toggled ERG on. I generally toggle on control for the trainer. The website doesn’t seem to address that toggle.

It would be useful if you needed to adjust the intensity in one of the workouts (as opposed to one of the rides). I haven’t yet tried any of the workouts, but I presume they’re like the SYSTM workouts where you run the trainer in ERG mode, and the app adjusts the power targets for you.

I did a half hour recovery workout twice, the first time I didn’t notice the ERG setting in RGT, so it was off, and my KICKR bike acted like it was possessed - 53 chainring and 11 cog (virtual) spinning at 120rpm producing 80 watts. Tried it again with ERG on in RGT and it felt like the trainer responded sluggishly. It did not feel like SYSTM ERG mode. I don’t know how ERG mode is implemented in RGT, but it’s not currently nearly as crisp an experience as it ought to be.