How Nans Peters won Tour de France Stage 8

“I had a dream to win a stage in the Tour de France and I’ve done it,” Peters said. “To be honest Zakarin was better than me on the climb but I did everything I could. I kept telling myself, telling myself I’m the best, I’m the strongest. I really did everything I could.”

Nans Peters won Stage 8 of the Tour de France with his HEAD – with mental toughness. He overcame a stronger rider by believing in himself. From his post-race quotes, it sounds like he was using Positive Self-Talk to help him get to the top of the climb where he knew he could then distance his rival on the descent. (Story:

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Or when you are trying to beat Zakarin himself on the 2016 Giro Mountain TT, that we all know oh so well from FF…


In my boxing days, I could usually sense an opponent from across the ring before the fight had started. I used to put up this wall or barrier in my mind and insist that nothing would penetrate it. You would not believe how many stronger, faster, more skilful opponents accepted their fate before the first bell.The mind is defiantly stronger than the body