How to "celebrate" turning 40?

There is of course the 40-minute climb of Thin Air (remember when I did that standing the whole time during my Knighthood? Damn I was strong then…)

Then there is:

  • 16 intervals of Downward Spiral (not including bonus sprints);
  • 15 intervals of Revolver (you know…); and
  • 9 intervals of Nine Hammers (or TINT)
    Which add up to 40 (ish)

Probably many other options. I’m a sad old sack of crap now, but I’ve got to mark the occasion somehow!


Birthdays. Not convinced by your definition of yourself sir :slight_smile:

Are there 40 videos - maybe a quad-KH?
Or maybe just invite 40 people to a virtual party and buy some decent malt whisky that’s 40yrs old.

Ok, useful reply maybe … Violator. And hit the first 40 interval harder than you ever have before… short sharp, boosted at the end and ready to eat birthday cake.

Enjoy !

One word: SUFCamp2021.


This will be my 40th birthday celebration: the La Leyenda mtb race in Colombia. 7 days, 479km, +14,000 m elevation gain. I believe GvA would approve.

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when I turned 40 I decided to make a holiday of it, so flew to greenland:

I opted to do the polar bear challenge; marathon saturday, half marathon sunday
but this was before I met the sufferfest :wink:


Whatever you choose to do, I think you should do it on a brand new bike


Sort the videos alphabetically and see how far you get after 40 hours
If you get through the first 2 hours of FF and HM back to back then you know you’re onto a winner :rofl:
Maybe you sort by sufvids and bypass the novids…


So Sir -Clayton, How was this young birthday celebrated?
Downward Spiral?
Nine Hammers
40 videos?
Or good old fashioned couchlandrian day, ( i know, ill report directly to the nearest flogging station for suggesting such a crazy idea) :crazy_face:

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I will sacrifice and stick to your advice, only for safety reasons, obviously :joy:

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