How to ride magic road without waiting 5 minutes?

Super new to RGT so not sure if I’m missing something or this is just a minor quirk, but is it possible to immediately jump into a magic road without waiting 5 minutes?

I’ve followed the instructions here but once I select and view it, there’s a 5 minute countdown and a greyed out “Ride Now” button.

It does seem like the Ride Now becomes active before the 5 minute countdown is done, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to avoid the wait or if I should just queue it up while I’m getting ready to ride.

I haven’t found a way, so I just queue it up and get ready as you’ve mentioned.

@will_ryan There is a post somewhere on this topic that explains how there are separate servers for Ride Now and Magic Roads. Basically it said something about the need to create the course for Magic Roads which is why there is a time lag versus Ride Now where the programming is already set up.

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