I think I am going to be sick

Just finished my first FF :nauseated_face:

I have got to practice pacing I went too hard in the first minute of my MAP test and cracked and struggled to get it back.


Congratulations! Enjoy a well earned rest before getting back into the Suffering!

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Welcome, fellow sprinter! See you at the finish line.

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You should probably do it again to make sure you get your MAP right :slight_smile:

evil laugh


Fantastic numbers! Well done. And if you’re feeling sick that means you did it right. :wink:

Always remember to have a SUF bucket handy for a ff https://images.app.goo.gl/xpHNGZ13uFNThqws6


Yeah you did! Congrats.

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I need to order one of those :tired_face:

Good stuff!

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