ICYMI: ALL SYSTM workouts now in RGT

Edit: While I’m not a fan of doing workouts in a sim generally, this is great news for those that don’t mind them, have never tried them or couldn’t figure out how to use the fit file exporter.

PLUS your 4DP user profile is also baked in now. But wait there’s more… check it out yourselves.

Imho, this is a HUGE update for RGT so how about we give a HUGE shoutout to the whole Wahoo X team for this one!

Nice job folks!


Please what else did we miss ? :eyes:


YOU didn’t miss anything. I left stuff out cuz your post covers it. Did you include that TP workouts still are based on FTP?


I see ^^
And no, for TP, I didn’t mention it

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I have no use for TP personally but I know there are a lot of folks that do. What little data analysis I need, I get from intervals.icu and for the most part I make do with the SYSTM calendar (though there are loads of improvements needed) which meets most of my needs.



Updated the RGT this morning, I see the Whats New button and the associated screens, but don’t see the workouts? At the top of the RGT screen I see Menu, Just Ride and Events.
Where are the workouts?


You’ve hit on one of the many things that give RGT a bit of a learning curve.

There’s several ways to see the workouts but they aren’t (at least not initially) intuitive.

Check out this post:


The way you bring up Workouts changed in the last version. You start a ride and then on screen will be a “Workout” button. Once clicking it you get the option for the library, scheduled, and uploaded.


Hi All,

Ok got it. Thanks jcolp.


Yes, it’s great to see some integration between systm and rgt. However, I’m wondering whether this might be introducing a bit of duplication instead of reinforcing systm as the training app and rgt as the racing app? Personally, I would like to see some integration in the following way: I am planning on doing Race X in rgt in N days, please build me a personalized training plan in Systm (based on my previous training/race efforts and/or other users’). Rgt could then concrete on the actual racing aspect (including rankings).


I suppose you could look at it that way. But I dunno. RGT offers a lot more than “just” racing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they have simulated climbs like Ventoux, and Passo dello Stelvio etc. I used to go on Zwift solely to do those things and now there is no need. RGT also offers group riding, group workouts, and the fantastical Magic Roads which could also be very much considered a training feature. That is, get a GPX of a route you know you’ll be racing, or riding, and you can train on that very route. There’s improvements that can be made to the final product but the concept is freaking brilliant afaic.

For my personal preference, I think I’ll always stick with SYSTM as my primary training app (except for the hill sims) as I’m just not a fan of group things in general (except for irl group rides which I do enjoy).

I really REALLY like your suggestion though of being able to select an RGT race and then request a personalized training plan to help me prep! Maybe you could search the “Feature Request” category, see if there’s anything similar suggested, and if not, add that to it :slight_smile:


I completely agree with you- the simulated climbs are amazing. That’s actually the only reason why I’ve never looked into other apps. I’ve climbed Stelvio and Ventoux on my own and the feeling of satisfaction getting to the top is indeed remarkable. But what’s even more remarkable (imho) is getting to the top as part of a race (e.g. MR heroica series). And to me, once you’ve climbed it that way (by trying to catch/drop other riders), it’s difficult to go back to riding them on your own. But that’s just my personal experience.

I’ve also enjoyed tremendously Magic Roads this winter, taking part in a marvelous Transpyrennean adventure organized by a community member. My only gripe with the MRs is that the Pyrennees looked the same as the roads used during the Tour des Alpes… Which is why I’ve slowly reverted to using On Location systm content to experience truly different sceneries. I am aware that bringing a truly immersive experience to MRs is very hard, but I’m just sharing my experience.


I’m 100% certain what would happen if I raced up Ventoux or Stelvio and it would very much end up with me riding it alone :joy::joy::joy:

I hope they can change the scenery on MRs too. Probably my biggest gripe. BIG fan here too of Sir Standsalot and the OL rides. Your experiences sound awesome by the way. Actually climbing these places irl sounds unbeSUFfinglievable.


This is especially true since you can’t use the Systm library to schedule a Race in RGT, only a Group Ride. It would have made that point clearer, if that was the distinction that they were going for, if it were the other way around; Having the Systm library only available for Races and not Group Rides.

I hope the vast majority of people find this upgrade of great value. Since I do use RGT for racing, this is much ado about nothing.


@Critmark I definitely do. I had previously been either exporting using the browser extension or building workouts in TrainingPeaks. The fact that the whole SYSTM workout catalog is now in RGT and 4DP is in realtime (which isn’t always the case when you build or export a workout) is a big time saver.

Also the new Dunoon Seaside Circuit is great! I also thought that the navigation is improved on ATV but didn’t see that in the version notes.


Really hope this will not be the beginning of the end for the Systm app that houses Sufferfest today, with the RGT app replacing it. RGT is totally hopeless for use on a mobile phone, which is my primary tool until the training session starts and the mobile phone is connected to an external screen.

I would have been much more comfortable if the RGT had been connected to the Systm app, this is easy to maneuver and use for planning sessions. So please give me encouraging feedback that my worries are worthless :slight_smile:


The best thing about having SYSTM workouts at hand in RGT is, that now I can do the NoVid workouts that the training plan prescribes every now and then, without being bored to death. The second best thing is, that I now can do those recovery and low-intensity rides that often come with the Inspiration videos, when the prescribed video/workout is one that I have already done in the past and there is no substitute video for it (because other than SUF, OL, and ProRides I really don’t like to re-run these documentaries even if I liked them).


I don’t think this is anywhere near the end for the SYSTM app. It’s just something that users have been asking for since The Company purchased RGT. It’s a logical step too from making ALL the SYSTM workouts available as outdoor workouts. And, it was possible to do the SYSTM workouts in RGT previously but it requires a fit file web extension and a few steps. This makes that redundant plus now allows for your individual 4DP metrics to be used vs the targets from the fit file thingy.

The wahoominati are watching very VERY closely and will continue to do everything in their power to ensure the promotion, development and continuation of all things Sufferlandria. #twaaw

I see this as a positive step forward that, if anything, continues to signal The Company’s desire to be at the forefront of indoor and outdoor cycling innovation.

Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 7.13.43 AM


@Kolliboy Definitely not! I think it is just about providing options. Now you can ride on SYSTM either Vid or NoVid, you can turn off music and sound on Vids and bring your own entertainment as many do for the NoVids, you can take a workout outside or you can ride any workout on RGT on a course you select including a Magic Road.

As an example, people on the TrainerRoad platform use Zwift as a visual for their workouts and there were whispers that TR and Zwift would merge to better leverage this. Now SYSTM and RGT bring a higher level of integration and at a much more competitive price point (less than 50%) than dual use of Z and TR for workouts.


Thank you for this.

I think I’m most excited that I can finally do my SYSTM workout via an Apple TV app.

My main setup is all around the Apple TV, and now I won’t need to screen mirror another device to ride today’s workout. It’s appreciated.

Plus, I like RGT. I enjoy the change of pace from the scripted videos (though I love those too).

That was a long way of saying thank you.