Idea: Perpetual Training Plans

I have an idea about training plans (hopefully this isn’t a repeat; I did look for a similar idea!)…

Right now, I’m using a training plan just to keep moving during the offseason. I don’t have any events planned as of now, but the way the plan builder currently works is it is centered on preparing for one (and only one) specific event at a time…well, what if I don’t have any events planned?

What if, instead, we essentially created “perpetual” plans that could be adapted over time? A new user joins and enters initial bio info, then what they are interested in doing (strength, yoga, etc.) If that is all they enter, then the plan builder just sets up a maintain/improve plan, using those activities (the “plan” is effectively indefinite, but maybe the user can always see X weeks ahead). If later on, the user decides yoga isn’t for them, but they want to start biking, then they just update that in the preferences and the plan can adapt.

Let’s say 3 months down the road, the user wants to sign up for a local 5k. They would go out to the plan, enter the date of the race and the distance. They could add a “priority” to that event (just want to finish, PR, or podium attempt). The plan would update to include running in order to prepare them for that race on that date, while continuing to include the other activities that they like to do. If they then want to try a duathlon that happens to be three weeks after the 5k, the plan would adapt again, adding in more biking before the date of the 5k, making sure they are also ready for that event. Depending on the event priorities, the plan can get the user more ready for the events that matter to them more. If no other events are set up after that, then the plan drops back into maintenance/improve until something gets added in the future.

On top of all that, each type of activity could have some type of periodic test to ensure the user is where they want to be with them (cycling already has the HM/FF tests, but add strength test for strength, flexibility test for yoga?, etc.) and have the ability to change the levels for each type of activity when warranted.



I kinda like the idea of a perpetual plan that adapts as your needs adapt but I also think that there are sooo many variables that it is highly unlikely to ever get implemented.

There are the GenFit plans that include building blocks and transitions that aren’t event focused (4 of them) and the All Purpose one has 3 levels of volume you could choose from. That is enough for me atm, but I have NEVER actually completed a whole plan so I might not be the best person to ask anyway :joy: :joy: :joy:

Would be nice to have to have the ability to create an annual training plan within SYSTM.
Training Peaks premium will map out an annual plan with A B C events in 2:1 or 3:1 with tapering. You still have to plug in workouts though.

@abeckstead I don’t use the annual plan as much as I thought I would when I signed up for TP but I do like the ability to add ABC events. Generally I figure these out when I add plans to my SYSTM calendar. I will fully taper for A events and a little bit for B events and often treat C events like a workout making sure that I warmup and cool down enough pre and post event.

I did figure out how to add events to the calendar. When you add an in season plan, go to the one for the race (usually at the end of the plan), click on it and look for the 3 dots. Click on the dots and select add to calendar and then add it to the date of your additional event. You can do this multiple times. So basically I use this to work my events into the calendar and then work on altering the rest of the week to schedule in my taper, warmup etc. Unfortunately you can’t name these events but at least there is something there as a placeholder.

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