Idiot’s guide needed

Please can we have an idiot’s guide to RGT

I used it a few times before.
I had an accident in September, have been rebufitness.
As the tour has RGT, I wanted to re familiarise myself.
Absolute disaster.
I somehow disconnected from wifi, but there was no indication.

I don’t really understand basics or how to use and why, Erg mode etc.
I have Wattbike Atom.
If I try to use gears, I get no indication what gear I am in. I have never felt any drafting effect.
I am likely to use the non RGT option, as it seems counterintuitive and impossible to master.

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Brian Kellison has started a series of “tutorials” in English, maybe that can help ? (

And if you need more info, don’t hesitate to ask your precise questions on Facebook, to streamers, on discord, etc
There are lots of very helpful people who are happy to spend a bit of time to help newcomers


Erg mode : when ON, it changes your trainer’s resistance to ensure a constant watt outputs. This means you shouldn’t change gears anymore and you won’t feel the terrain changes anymore
Erg mode : when OFF, your trainer’s resistance is determined by the terrain (slope) and you’ll have to change gears according to the slope (I’m not familiar with Wattbike Atom, there might be something that I don’t know on the way it functions)

Drag : it’s indicated on the top left, as a green number, and shows how much watts you’re saving. It translated in your avatar going faster compared to the same effort (watts) with nobody dragging you.

Hope this helps ?

Not really my problems are more fundamental.

Maybe the videos from the RGT channel itself then ?

Don’t hesitate to fire questions, people will help :slight_smile:

Where do you get an indication if Wi-Fi has disconnected?

During the loading of an event (purple screen) or in the event, you can see a red wifi logo on the bottom right of the screen, if you’re losing signal.

Micro-cuts can not trigger the red logo, but you’ll see your avatar behave strangely (turning on himself, for example)

Hi… you are not an idiot! It’s the RGT platform in my opinion that has been designed by an idiot. I continually struggle with it and am constantly asking questions. it’s all over the place, confusing and frustrating. It needs a re-vamp, probably a teenage 1st year computer programmer could do a better job with one hand tied behind his back!! Stick at it you will find you way around EVENTUALLY!!

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Well obviously had a good connection initially, however when it lost, I got no indication, except I think eventually other riders disappeared.

When I had had enough, I told it to finish ride, and upload to other app (Strava). It just went black.
When I went back in later, it said I still was in a ride, so I tried again, and it did finishu and upload

I did use before for a short time.
But with updates and lack of familiarity I struggled

I do not think he thinks he is an idiot.
He was probably referring to a series of books popular, at least in the US, entitled “The Idiots Guide to…”.


“RGT for Dummies”. I too could use a guide like that.


I could use that idiots guide also. I have a Kickr bike and I’ve tried it a couple times and just don’t get it. I’ve tried ERG both on and off and it isn’t intuitive at all. I feel like a gerbil with the brakes on. I did the Iron horse bicycle classic today and did better than other rides and completed it but it just seemed so different than being on the road or doing a Sufferfest ride.

If you want to ride and feel the feedback of the virtual terrain (eg more resistance up hill) then turn ERG off. There is a setting that then governs how severe the slope feels - see below.

@totolekoala’s suggestions of those videos above are a useful resource. There is some info on the Wahoo support site that is of variable quality but may be worth a scan.

The old RGT website also has some articles eg

There are lots of knowledgeable people on the RGT User Support Facebook group so that’s another source of support if you have specific questions. Like @totolekoala, I’m happy to help with questions you have on here.

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I admire your patience and perseverance with assisting those of us who have ultimately thrown in the towel with RGT. It can’t be easy to be so calm, kudos to you.

Due to its clunkiness to get riding, I have given up unfortunately. Have tried umpteen times, some with success and some without. It’s those moments when you think you have it waxed to work, and it doesn’t, that the insanity question looms large.

I am sure it gives many a user plenty of joy. Fortunately, I dont go elsewhere like Zwift or Rouvy or FulGaz or MyWhoosh, despite trying those as well. TBH, the easiest to get going is Zwift and if RGT was as simple to get moving/connected/on the go, I am sure RGT would flourish.

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Well, I didn’t write or design the software and I don’t work for Wahoo, so I find it quite easy to be moderately balanced (but still probably biased) about. RGT definitely has flaws - eg some of the non-intuitive UX that puzzles quite a few users - but personally I like it and, although I have had some problems over the years, I have had an overall very positive experience with it and, perhaps as importantly, the community around it. It perhaps helps that I started using it as an escape from injury-induced boredom during the first covid lockdown when I was going slightly bonkers through not being able to run, so it hooked me when I was low…

If you do feel like dipping a toe back on the waters then get in touch.


@Robin-RGT-FB-mod Same for me - especially group rides with the radio feature but I also like doing my NoVid workouts on RGT by exporting the SYSTM workout using the browser extension. The UX isn’t completely intuitive but I figured it out over time.