Injury and Elevation Change, timing of new 4dp test

Simultaneously broke a leg cycling and moving up to 7500 feet 3 months ago. Now back at it but my fitness is WAY BELOW the last time I took the 4dp test. So I am having to use Level mode at a pretty low number just to hang in with the workouts. Would love to go back to ERG mode but need new 4dp numbers. That isn’t exactly a “fun” test. Just wondering aloud if I should take again now? Or wait a couple of months??

Half Monty is your friend; much less painful than Full Frontal. You’ll at least get reasonable FTP and MAP values that will make your workout levels more suited to your current situation.

That being said, only do this if your doctor said your leg is healed enough to do the hard MAP level effort required in Half Monty.

More info about Half Monty available here:

Good luck!!


One word of caution: Consult with your medical staff before taking any type of high stress test. You don’t want to risk injury.


I like to suggest doing the 7 day Test Prep plan with a HM on day 3, which sets suggested targets for a FF on day 7. Getting re-started as you are, make a good effort, but no need to kill it. On subsequent workouts or doing a plan, you can adjust the % up or down depending on you feel. Once you’re back in the groove and feeling the workouts are getting easy, then retest.

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