🏁 Introducing The Alliance Racing League 🏁

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Start the indoor season off with a new race series: The Le Col Alliance Racing League Presented by Wahoo X.

Hosted on Wahoo RGT, the league is made up of nine events split into three chapters and is open to every type of rider β€” whether you’re a seasoned ePro or a newcomer to virtual racing.

Round up your friends and start a team, or race as an individual, for your chance to win epic prizes from Le Col and Wahoo.

:calendar: Ready to race? Chapter One starts Oct. 19.

Learn more and register: https://bit.ly/3rTdBwh


Looks good. Rider numbers in RGT races seem to be on the up, so should be a good turn out for these.


Well, IMO i think only for β€œprime time” events. RGT is suffering lack of events and especially users for different time zones than UTC +0


I am keen to race on RGT, but the times do not work at all - I live in NZ.


Yep they seem to be set up well for Europe/US east coast which doesn’t work so well for us. Zwift runs an NZ racing series, we could set up similar I guess


The second time’s link for Chapter 1 / Race 1 is a duplicate of the first time’s link.

Chapter 3 / Race 2 is labelled as Chapter 2.

It may be worth looking at the events put on by the Australian RGT FB group.

By the way, do you know that some events that are not on RGT’s website can be viewed at RGTDb

Anyone want to team up?

RGT Australia host races on Monday nights, a more social/training ride on Tuesdays, team tim3 trials on Thursday and individual time trials over the weekend. Time slots may not be perfect for New Zealand. But worth looking at.

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I found Rasio Races Down Under Tuesdays - RGTDb, which maybe could get some interest for us NZ/AU riders? Although times look very late for NZ :-/

There is no Category on the the race event; is this normal ? Is it an open (elite) event ?

@Reynaldo_Lopez Yes it’s normal, no races in RGT have enforced categories yet.