Is the 4DP prep plan an appropriate taper for a key race?

The primary race for my season, a track 4K IP, will occur on Aug 21. The final segment in my prep for the race involves the MAP building blocks plan along with track time on Saturdays that replace the workout for that day. I want to ensure that I do a proper taper, especially after the increased intensity of the MAP plan. Would it make sense to do the 4DP prep plan and just replace the test with the race? Also, is it recommended to do the MAP plan as prescribed leading right up to the the taper? The last 5 days of that plan are Revolver, rest, recovery spin, GCN endurance, rest.

Good luck with your upcoming IP! I’m a massive (biased) fan of the track, especially the endurance events.
For final prep, the MAP building block plan is appropriate for a 4K IP. Specific track modifications would be to complete all of the MAP efforts seated, at 105-120rpm, and if possible in an aero/TT position/whatever position is closest to your track bike setup. For the final week of the plan, instead of GCN endurance ride the MAP 3 x 3 NoVid.
The 4DP prep plan would be perfect to complete in the week leading into your event, just replace the test with your event.
Good luck! And let us know how it goes!

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Coach Mac, thanks for the input! Especially the track specific modifications. I’m not going to lie, having just suffered through There Is No Try, picturing that workout in aero position at that rpm made my knees weak. If I attempt those modifications during my next hard ride (9 Hammers) and start to meltdown, should I bump my power target down, say 5%, or should I pause to catch my breath when needed?

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To start off with you can drop MAP and FTP by 10% if you hold your aero position. You can hold off on trying the higher cadence until you have more experience doing efforts at those intensities. A 10% drop in power might seem like a lot, but the aero advantage you’ll have is worth more than that. It’s tough, but you’ll be very glad you spent more time in that position come race day!


@Coach.Mac.C I ended up riding a 5:19 4K at 102 average cadence (96 gear inch) and 181 average HR (188 peak). As a 48 year old Cat 4 who is new to structured training, I’m happy with the result. Looking at the cadence, it appears that I might need to gear down a tad. My legs were suffering in the last kilo compared to my CV system.

On a side note…before my taper, I did end up riding the last five of the MAP workouts at 105-110 cadence, in aero position, and at 90-95% of my MAP and FTP.