Is there a setting to launch RGT on a second monitor in Windows

My trainer is in my home office, and I use a second monitor in front of the bike to display cycling and yoga workouts. I’m running Windows and was wondering if there is a setting to have the RGT app launch on the second screen. With SYSTM I decide what I’m going to be doing on the main screen, then drag the window to the second screen and expand it. I can’t do this with RGT since it launches full screen mode. Changing the setting in Windows to only use the second screen is a hassle and may cause annoying side effects, so it would be great to be able to do set this in the app.

When RGT has started, either of these will work:

  1. Windows key + Shift + Arrow Left or Right.
  2. Alt + Enter, then drag RGT to the second monitor.

That’s what I needed, thank you very much!