Keyboard shortcuts in RGT? Needed for Streamdeck

I am a somewhat new RGT user and am trying to integrate using an external ‘Streamdeck’ as I had with z**** to control things during a ride/race. Unfortunately it seems there are very few keyboard shortcuts in RGT… I have only found ‘P’ for push to talk and hitting T or spacebar brings up a chat window. Otherwise the arrow keys allow me to navigate the menu, which is cumbersome. Is there no way to define custom keyboard shortcuts or plans to add this? Even for people not using a streamdeck it would be extremely helpful if keyboard shorts were allowed to do certain things without having to try navigating a menu system while pedaling.

For example:

C - change camera/view
L - look behind
W - Wave


I don’t often do anything while riding for exactly this reason. If there were shortcuts, I’d be a lot more friendly and interactive.

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Not helpful in terms of streamdeck but there are some buttons for key actions available on the remote app.

Good point, and inspires me to simply reverse engineer the remote app so I can send the same commands through my own program via streamdeck. Here’s hoping the connection isn’t encrypted (fingers crossed)

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That’s an interesting idea. I have just had a quick look on my Chromebook and there was a bunch of unencrypted websockets traffic. Happy hunting.

@Robin-RGT-FB-mod you can run RTG on a chromebook?

I was just running the RGT Remote app on my Chromebook, not the main RGT app (the ‘screen app’). I was doing this because I knew I could run Wireshark and could capture packets on my Chromebook thus could easily see what the network traffic was.

I am new to the Chromebook platform and haven’t researched it much but you can generally run Android apps on Chromebook. I would guess that the performance might not be stellar so, on my low-ish spec Chromebooks, I guess that RGT would not run very well.