Kickr bike controls on RGT

I had my first ride on RGT with the kickr bike today. While climbing I accidentally pushed one of the buttons and my view changed to looking backwards. I also noticed my avatar kind of waving to the crowd and I hadn’t seen that happening before on RGT. After my ride, I reached the conclusion that I must have been accidentally pressing another button. Does anyone have a list of what each of the kickr bike buttons do on RGT? Can they be customized? If so, how?

They cannot be customized so far as I can tell. One (left?) is look backwards and the other is wave.

seems to be true. it’s funny if you’d set the shifter to mimic campy, so every time you’re shifting you’re waving. looks definitely stupid from behind.

Yup, that’s me. Campy shifting and constantly waving… :slight_smile:

It would be nice if those controls could be edited. I use 1x, so I don’t mind the look back being on the left thumb, but it would be nice if the wave could be on the left paddle too and the right is just shifting.