Kickr Bike steering in RGT

Hey everyone,

I am just wondering how to enable the buttons on the Kickr Bike V1 to use steering in RGT.

My keyboard currently works to steer, but the buttons on the inside of the handlebars are unresponsive. I have ‘Control’ turned on in sensors, although I cannot find the ‘Kickr Steer’ toggle the online guide says that it should have.


Do you have kickr buttons selected as well?

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No, I don’t, but there doesnt appear to be the option to enable them anywhere.

What are you running RGT on? Make sure you have KICKR Bike set to Control and KICKR Buttons enabled in the RGT Sensors screen. [I don’t know which wins if you had your shifters set to useCampy controls though, in case that is what you had, but I’m doubting that]

Mine shows up right past the control selector if it is not there you may need to contact Wahoo support.

I am running RGT on an iMac, and I have the kickr bike set to control, but there is no option to enable ‘Kickr Buttons’ in the sensor screen. And I have my shifters set to Shimano, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I have attached a picture.

I think it’s only seeing the bike via ANT+. If you wait longer does a BT option appear? You will get an additional column that says “BUTTONS” or similar.


Apparently, Bluetooth is needed… this is on a Mac.

Thanks for the help, I think bluetooth is needed. For some reason, the Kickr bike won’t appear when just using bluetooth in RGT, but it works fine in Systm. I guess I better contact support.

I had the same problem, KICKR Bike v1 and RGT on the Mac. Took me a few days to figure out but my RGT version was not up to date and missing the new steering updates. Check the version or upgrade again, its working for me now !

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