Kickr Climb Not Powering On!?

I’ve had my Climb for 3 weeks and it has stopped working. To be clear, it’s not a connection issue to an app, I mean it no longer powers on. At 1st, I thought it was the power supply because the green light was out. I tried to plug it into another outlet and still NO POWER. I then disconnected the power supply from the Kickr Climb and boom, the green light turned back on.
I realized I lost power when I connect the power supply to the Kickr Climb. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m going to contact Wahoo Customer Support to inquire about a replacement.

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Hey @Steve_Estevez welcome to the forums. Too bad this is your first entry :frowning:

I’ve had a Climb since about 2018 and don’t think I’ve ever had power problems. Def contact support, my experience with them has always been exceptional.

Thanks for responding. I did contact customer support. They created a ticket and after several troubleshooting steps they told me to “cut the cord” submit the picture and they’ll send me a new replacement. I am glad it was under warranty but I hope I have more success with the 2nd unit. The 1st Climb did not last a month!
That being said, I really enjoyed the Climb. It adds a lot to what sometimes are monotonous rides.


Glad CS got it sorted. Here’s to a long life for your Climb 2.0 :pray: