Kickr Climb

Should the Climb work with RGT?
I’ve completed a couple of rides on RGT and so far the Climb has not be responding but it has been so long since I used it I can’t remember which way the remote should be running.

@AdamC it worked for me yesterday. The blue dot should be on the right for the unlocked position.

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Thanks Jon, pretty sure it was set to locked so that would explain it.
Did feel strange that a platform just purchased by the hardware company would not support the hardware.

Update on the Climb after another ride on RGT.
The button was on the left so clicked centre to switch over and… still nothing.
So I hit what I thought was the raise button and I started going down. Knowing I sometimes have the remote flipped I hit the other button and still went down.
Turns out both buttons went down and no matter what mode the Climb never responded to the terrain. Exactly the same on SYSTM.

Can you perform a reset on the Climb or any diagnostic procedures?

@AdamC Try it with Attacker. If it doesn’t work on that one then something is wrong and you should probably contact the minions. Sometimes the movement is subtle and you don’t realize that you are up a few degrees and sometimes I find that it is finicky if you switch out of locked mode too late. I have had that same issue where the climb goes down when fiddling with the buttons. It is a fairly new device for me so I am still getting used to it.

AdamC Wahoo Support website says you can reset your Climb by double clicking the center button. Once you power up the Climb, immediately do a double-click of the center button. I’ve had a Climb for two years, you should not be having these issues with a properly functioning Climb. If the double click doesn’t work, call Wahoo support to get them directly involved. Good luck, hope things improve on your end!

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Solved it.
After a power cycle, reset, re-pair and anything else I could do it was still not working. Both buttoned only lowered the front end. So I had a closer look at the device settings within the SYSTM app.
Despite the Climb only going down I noticed that the reported grade on the device never changed so reset the wheelbase. Bingo!