Kickr Steer?

Well, this could be a game changer!

Can we bump people off the wheel of others? I feel a sprint train coming up…

KICKR STEER | Wahoo Fitness UK


I have a question, immediately, though…

It says that Kickr bike gets steer on the shifter thumb buttons. What about those of us who use the Campag setup? Those are my shifters, I don’t want them to steer. I’d be quite happy to be able to re-map the buttons to somewhere else, though.

From the site:

“KICKR STEER utilizes the accelerometer or gyroscope in your phone and responds to subtle movements of the thumb paddles to guide your avatar through the course”

From what I read in that, it just pivots by pushing the flappy bits. It stays out of the way of your shifters.


That is for the phone cradle device they are selling, they also state that this functionality is now built in for Kickr Bike.
They’ve even highlighted the buttons.
Those are the simulated shift buttons for Campagnolo gearing setups.

Purchased. Neat that it doubles as an ELEMNT mount as well so I don’t have to faff removing mounts when I go outside.


Steering? For IDT and RGT no doubt looking at the setup and the depiction??

Brings some questions to the fore.

@briankellison does this answer along the lines of what you asked in your OP?

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I’m excited to see this implemented in RGT!

I’ve not tried any of the steering blocks, and all I’ve seen is that it can let you select routes when the road forks in the Z world.

On the Kickr Steer product page it shows you can change lanes and move through the peloton. That must be a significant engineering challenge to simulate that feel and calculate how that affects racing.

Has anyone tried this yet on RGT?

Edit: Re-read the email and it says “Coming Soon”. Can’t wait to see this demoed.


Placed my order!

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I’m guessing it’s not actually 27 lbs. :joy:


@Dan It does answer my question about RGT development. I didn’t think it was going to be hardware. I’ll have to try it but I already have more questions once it’s out.

The first is…

Will the towel covering it because of all the sweat dripping from my face affect its use?


From Discord:


Funny, but I rigged up something for steering when ZWIFT first introduced the capability using the phone for detecting bar rotation. I didn’t have bar rotation so attached the phone to the bars with a bunch of rubber bands such that I could nudge it in either direction using my thumbs. It kinda worked.


Always excited to see new hardware that may improve the virtual experience.
I have not “pulled the trigger” on the steerer even at the half price offer.
I am waiting to see what gp lama, Dc rainmaker, smart bike trainer, etc. has to say.
Surprised that was not already rolled out as part of the launch.

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It’s hardware and software as I see it. Steering for RGT is new software. I doubt the covering towel would affect the action of the gyroscope, think submarine.

And to be frank, I think that mount places the screen fairly far forward. We are not all Cavendish’s sprinting for the line. For me, it would be an issue with the aero bars. No real estate between the hoods for such a contraption.


Wonder if you can strap your phone to the front of the bars somehow and tilt it with your fingers? Depends on your aerobar setup I guess.

Not at all :slightly_smiling_face:. You don’t need sight of the Remote App Screen to use steering when using STEER or even when hand holding the phone while tilting it to initiate steering :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this what it looks like?


That’s the wahmoo!


I believe the Wahmoo was the beta version of the Steer. They were going to come out with a pink version called the Waheifer, but had to cut costs.


It really should be the KICKR STEEEER (hey we finally found those missing E’s)