Knighthood on 28th May 2022 (The Countdown Begins...)

I have been working on my fueling. I have these in the mix:

Peanut Butte & Jelly on Killer Dave’s wheat bread
Cara Oranges
Peanut Butter Stuffed Pretzels
Peanut M&Ms
Honey Sticks
Hot Dogs (my wife has graciously agreed to prepare things like this on request)
I have a couple of bars I like but am leaning towards real foods

For liquids:
Water, water, water & water…plus some water
Nunn electrolytes
Pomegranate juice

I have done rides up to 4.5 hours with a mix & match and it has been good. A few weeks to go so I can continue to try a few more things, a few times.


You’ve got it in the bag!

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Snickers flavored gels :grin:

Marmite is similar but the taste and saltiness is not as strong.

As for the weather in SA it has turned a bit sour. Today’s race was drizzle and strong winds but still lots of fun.

This actually sounds good to be honest. A good mix of sweet and saltiness as well as some fat content from the peanut oil itself.

Ouch and :yum: :drooling_face: I actually thought about having a spoon full of peanut butter if it needs be.

That’s awesome! Well done!

I am thinking of having up to 6 bottles of electrolyte drinks and another 4 to 5 more bottles of de-gased isotonic drinks. Coconut water, hmmm… I am guessing it’s for after the entire ride. I sort of had a bit of an upset stomach after having those store bought coconut water with my egg sandwich/muesli bars/oat cookies.

I am actually quite curious how rice cakes tastes. One thing here in Asia, we eat rice as they are cooked but not really made into cakes. :sweat_smile:
I am considering onigiri besides the tuna and/or chicken sandwiches. I only have 1 more week left to decide before the fateful day. Considering the need for carbs, the onigiri is definitely full of the needed carbs.

I did the 5 back-to-back rides yesterdat and I feel, at least for myself, egg sandwiches isn’t really the thing I would like to have on the bike. The mushy taste in the mouth coupled with the mayo doesn’t seem to go go too well in my opinion.

I do have a list of food which I am still sort of modifying following yesterday’s ride, but as of now, below would be the food I am planning to have on the go:
Energy gels
Roasted pork meat
Chicken and/or tuna sandwiches
Boiled eggs
Japanese rice balls :rice_ball: (considering that right now to replace the chicken sandwich)

As for liquids:
6 bottles of water mixed with electrolytes
2x 1.5 litre bottles of isotonic drinks (it’s both sweet and salty all at once)
1 litre multigrain soymilk (maybe?)

So far, electrolytes with water as well as isotonic drinks aren’t an issue for me. It’s just the store bought coconut water. The taste is just weird. :face_vomiting:

There’s such a thing??? :scream:

Hmmmm. I don’t think I have had Marmite with bread before perhaps I should give it a try after the quest.
I don’t think I have ever seen Vegemite here in Malaysia since we only have Marmite and Bovril. The closest thing from Down Under over here are Arnotts, and the Aussie version of Milo. Even nougats aren’t easily available here to be honest.

The weather here is really odd here for the last 2 days (including today), it’s as hot as heck with temperatures hitting a 34 and sometimes even 35 and all of a sudden, it’s raining like cats and dogs.
I am only hhoping that the weather would be much fairer on the 28th. Not asking for rain though, just a breezy and cloudy day is more than enough.

I’ve tried putting straight peanut butter in a baggie and cutting the corner off and using it like a gel out on the road as I absolutely cannot consume normal gels. Works good if you don’t mind getting some peanut butter on everything after you’ve squeezed it all out. Somehow a bicycle jersey pocket has the ability to wring out the last little bit of everything that I as a mere human cannot…


Just want to make sure that we are talking about the same stuff when it comes to rice cakes:

Cush it!

Oh, these rice cakes (see recipe in line) are SO not what I was thinking of! I was trying to figure out how anyone could choke down American grocery store dry rice cakes while riding (and why)! @DarrenWCKam So, to get an idea of what American grocer store rice cakes taste like, just chew on a big block of styrofoam plastic…


I could easily eat these or the much better home-made variant. Actually, for a verrrrry long indoor event, I had one each hour.

For the same events I’d also eat about 10 of these dry, salty, crunchy crackers:

Hahaha this sounds really messy but I do think that’s something worth trying. Would I be right to assume you had the creamy peanut butter and not the chunky ones?

OK I think we are sort of on the same page when it comes to rice cakes. It’s not so much of a common thing here in Malaysia to have rice cakes made which are made sweet. Most of the time, it’s just plain tasting.

If anyone has been to either Malaysia and or Singapore or perhaps Indonesia and had satay with those rice cakes, those are the kinds of rice cake we have over here.

@Cheryl.Vasan oh by the way,

This sounds so eeewww :sweat_smile:

Did I just read that there are 40 bars in the box?
Those crispy rice crackers are somewhat of a comfort food here. Most of the time it’s with some peanut in it.

I was just telling myself that I won’t be munching on oat crackers as it’s a little too dry, so I guess I will avoid crackers and biscuits. I did cause a bit of a mess the last time I had those oat crackers with those crumbs ending up all over the floor while chewing them and exhaling. :neutral_face:

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40 is for the lightweights, lol. You can also get a box of 8 or, like me, one of these bad boys at Costco

The no-name rice crackers that I eat, are smaller than the inside of my palm and I could just pop one in my mouth, no mess at all.

And this says 54! :smile:
I don’t know if it’s the supermarket I go to which doesn’t have these sort of things, or in general, Malaysia doesn’t have these things you guys have over there in the West.

Speaking of ‘no-name’ we used to have a brand of bottled drinking water call ‘No-Name’ as well.

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Probably why obesity is such a big problem in North America :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually obesity a little bit of an issue here too in South East Asia since we have so much food to eat all day long. And much of it, not very healthy street food.

But if you were to put it into perspective, it’s the food which makes Asia, Asia :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I find that, we can hardly go hungry living in Asia or South East Asia as a matter of fact.

At least in Malaysia, the conversation starter would more often than not be, “Have you eaten?” :rofl:

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I would hope that Rice Crispies Treats are limited to North America. Count yourself lucky if you can’t find them in Malaysia. Couchlandrian snacks are way too common here. While I don’t like Rice Crispies treats, my Couchlandrian food of choice is Pop Tarts, but I try to only eat them to refuel on long trainer rides (despite the crumbs).