La vuelta weekends stage 3 and 4

The second weekend of the Vuelta is coming up! Flat stage coming up on Saturday and on Sunday we are going to climb to Collado de la Cruz de Caravaca. Best 6 out of 8 for the GC, which means that you are still on time to compete for the GC. Three timeslots available as always:

9am AEST:

9am CET:

4pm CET:

All info can be found on

For those of us that can’t ride these when scheduled, is there somewhere that I can download the rides for later? I went to rgtdb but could not locate the ride profiles. TIA

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Yes, it’s a pretty non-obvious set of steps (owing to RGTdb and RGT being pretty clunky interfaces), so here’s the cheat sheet:

  • From the RGT series page, scroll down to the “Stages” section (past the big results spreadsheet) and click on any event of the stage route you’re interested in. This will take you to the RGTdb event page. Alternatively, you could get to the event page by going through the regular Events list on the main page of RGTdb
  • Once you’re on the event page, click on the route name to get to the RGTdb magic road page (see screenshot below)
  • Click the COPY button for the Magic Road ID
  • Head to this URL in your browser, pasting in the copied ID:[MAGIC_ROAD_ID]
  • Click “Add to My Library” button and wait a few seconds for the page to reload
  • Click “Create Event”

Hopefully RGT Hub (the replacement for RGTdb, which was abandoned by its original creator) will make some of these steps a lot easier…


Got it, thanks. I did scroll down just not far enough. On my screen there is a big blank section below the results before I get to the ride info. I will know better next time.

Much appreciated.


Thx @tbronder for writing down the procedure.
It’s a non straight forward step by step procedure. Strange that you can’t click on the route on the RGT site and add the ride to your library. Should be no need to go to RGTDB for that…