Las Vegas RGT Mountain Group Ride

If you have nothing better to do tomorrow at 5:15am PDT…

40 Miles, 4,000ft+ of climbing, but average 4% elevation. Hope my 39-30 gets me to the end. That second climb is no joke. :see_no_evil:


Perhaps one day I’ll go climbing on RGT with you Sir. Tomorrow won’t be that day though. CLIMB on!!


3:09:06 riding time. Managed to stay on the bike the entire time. And made it up all the climbs in my 39-30.

There were a few sections around 8-10% with a couple short ramps over 11%. I can’t imagine the one or two spikes of 18% is real.

I did ride the whole thing on my trainer, but it’s hard to say if I could’ve stayed on in real life. 4% felt a little too easy. 5-6% felt good. 7-8%+ started to get hard to hold without standing for most of it. May need more gears and a few less lbs to do it for real life.

I tend to close my eyes for extended periods of time, especially early in the morning. Can’t do that outside on a bike. Lol.

I can’t imagine turning around and doing that last climb in reverse, even if it’s only half of it.

But was a good Saturday morning workout. And good to practice using my gears again. And shows I need to save up for new gears and a trip to my LBS.





Yep! Could be many months of saving. :frowning:

But hopefully I’ll be in great shape to use them by then!

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I’m sorry I missed this! It was the same course (the out of the out and back) as the L’etape LV last month. I set up a magic road back in February to ride the same thing as you to get a feel for the climbs and the distance. If the places you saw 18% were on the Red Rock part of the course it might be right…there are a couple very short steep sections in there.

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Yes it was indeed a couple sections in Red Rock. I can’t imagine doing them for real in my 39-30 gear, even if they were quite short. :grimacing::see_no_evil: