Level or ERG Mode for RGT

Hello coaches, pro and experienced riders, I am new to RGT, will it be possible for someone to clarify during RGT rides which mode (Level Vs Erg) to use on Kickr, when I use level mode I have trouble sustaining my FTP levels. Thank you

Level mode for rides and Erg for workouts.


I just did my first “real” RGT ride yesterday. I was experimenting with ERG and LVL mode. I started in ERG mode and on each climb the resistance increased and on each descent the resistance decreased. When I switched to LVL mode (there is no LVL1,2,3 etc), I was only able to have a resistance of 100W regardless of the gear I was in. So LVL mode is just an easy low resistance while ERG mode mimics the terrain.

I haven’t done any workouts in RGT, so when I ride in there ERG is always off (there really isn’t a level option - it’s just ERG on or off). But then make sure BOTH Power and Control are selected under the trainer in the sensor options. Power will make sure RGT can read whatever power you are generating. The Control setting is necessary so RGT can tell the trainer the proper resistance and grading.


That is the exact opposite of my experience.

Have you looked at @Devries comment? Did you have “Control” selected (i.e. green)? Or this support article: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4855550044178-Enabling-disabling-ERG-mode-in-RGT

@Rouler , like @Johan said, most people choose Level mode for free riding and ERG mode for workouts. If you are having trouble sustaining your output when you use Level mode, you might need to change the Trainer Difficulty to 100% and you will also have to change gears on your bike.

Also fwiw, there’s two active RGT facebook groups with loads of people willing to help.
RGT Users

RGT Users Support


Sir Glen, you are right. I think I had the ERG selection backwards. I did say it was my first ride, right? :melting_face:


Ah yes Sir you did indeed!

I thought you meant first “real” as in first Magic Road created from one of your own rides. Or, first of the “real” rides vs the pre-existing Magic Roads created by others from a gpx file.

All good.

I’m glad to have RGT included in our X subs as an option over Zwift!

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Thank you for details, explaining what is control option for and during my last ride I haven’t paid full attention for settings, will check it out and reply here after my next RGT ride.