Light leaking through Elemnt Rival bezel

I bought a Elemnt Rival recently, but there seemed to be an issue with the ambient light ‘leaking’ through the bezel, in-between where 5-6 PM is. I contacted Wahoo support who then sent me a replacement, and the same thing is happening with this one.

I spoke to someone differently on live chat today who said this was normal. Is it? Are all Rival watches built like this? I know I only paid £99 for it, but I expected better than this.

Mine is like that and have had it for almost 2 years. My wife’s does not have that issue.

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Mine also has the light leakage. I had not noticed it until your post, and then I had to take it into a fully dark room to see it.

That’s interesting. I thought I might have just been unlucky and had two defective devices in succession.

I think I can live with it, especially at the price I paid, but I still maintain it is poor build quality!

there is a sensor there, you can see this when you shine a light on it. every rival has it. don’t understand why CS send a replacement :man_shrugging:

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I’m as confused as you! I didn’t know if it was a defect, and the person on live chat said it was. They even made me destroy the watch and send evidence, before they sent me a replacement!

That would explain it. Maybe that’s where the ambient light sensor is (if the Rival has one).