Magic Roads not building?

Since yesterday, I’ve submitted a couple of magic roads (on several occasions now, just to see if they’d got “lost”), received the confirmation they were being built, but then they’ve not actually appeared in my account.

Is something up with the Magic Roads builder?
I would also note that the “Service Status” page on the website is currently broken, redirects to a page you need a different login for.


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Following. Probably already done but have you submitted a ticket Sir?

I did and they suddenly got built this morning, I have been able to do one further since, so this appears to be resolved, but it looks (with very little information to go from) like their system wasn’t pulling files from attachments and needed a kick.

So, primary point resolved.

Secondary point, however, still live. The service status page doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

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Yeh, I remember a little while ago trying to get to that page too and got hit with the same thing. Eventually you get redirected to the wahoo support pages but there doesn’t seem to be a RGT System Status page there like there is for SYSTM. Unless it’s going through all the same servers but I dunno.

I have this too. The instructions say email a GPX file but on the forum it says you can create a MR from a no vid and they are FIT files. this is what I got back, am I doing something wrong? cheers
Hi Paul,
We tried our best but there was a problem and our trusted team could not build your road.
Road Endurance 2.5 (I).fit
Error parsing XML: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 0
Try another file or contact us if you’re still having problems."

Just to add, will the power targets work in RGT if I use ERG mode or will that just keep me at a fixed wattage as it does in other RGT ride or will the power be up to me as in level mode

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I just uploaded (after the 1 click fix on GPX Magic) and completed a magic road I created from a GPX file of our usual Sunday Road ride. I got the GPX file from Strava.

I then created an “event”, a group ride and chose to add a workout I had created from the FIT exporter web extension that @jessicat created (for Firefox and Chrome). I selected Springtime in Europe for the background.

I did it in ERG the whole time and it controlled the output as it would in SYSTM. So, recovery targets at 50% FTP held me to that target.

The fit exporter gives you the option of adding or subtracting from the SYSTM determined target but I kept it as is (ie no +/-)

In summary, there are 2 main steps (plus intermediate steps). To create the Magic Road you need a GPX file and email that to To create a workout from a No-Vid you need to use the web app with the fit exporter extension to create and download the FIT file which you then email to

Hope this is at least somewhat helpful


Thanks for the info, I did exactly as you mention regarding the FIT file and got back the message in my previous comment, I will try it again today. Can you clarify this bit please? " The fit exporter gives you the option of adding or subtracting from the SYSTM determined target ". I just clicked on the “download fit file” and this added it to my downloads on my PC and then I just mailed this as an attachment to magic roads. Where do you change the target ranges as on the very few previous rides I have done on RGT you either have to do level mode or set the ERG level and you are stuck with that the whole ride. thanks again

OK, got the fit file downloaded and found it in the workouts page. I have gone to the web page to create a ride, chosen group ride but where do I find the fit file ride now? can’t see it anywhere, there only two options, real or magic and it is not in either of them, really struggle with this RGT website, just seems all over the place to me, cheers

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It’s not quite “intuitive” but there is some sense to it. In your first message you said you had a problem with the FIT file. It’s possible the FIT file you created was from a buggy GPX file. Have you tried another? Did you download it from Strava? Did you run it through GPX Magic before emailing to RGT?

In your second message you said you found the workout. Assuming it is okay. But, if you want to fiddle with targets, you’ll need to create another FIT file and send it to RGT.

As to the question on targets, you change the targets in the FIT file using the exporter extension:
See screen pics from Chrome:

When I am on the SYSTM web app (see URL), in the top right corner, I’ve made the FIT Exporter Extension visible. It’s the blue X.

When you click on the Blue X, there are options for settings. You’ll see I set mine as Target Value plus 0%. That will give you the exact target as set in SYSTM so if SYSTM calls for 200 Watts, the workout in RGT will call for 200 Watts:

You can change the value up or down by clicking in the box or using the little up/down triangles that appear when you are in there. Here is one going down 15% (which of course you’d NEVER do :smiling_imp: )

Here is one going up:

To find the workout you created using your FIT file when you are creating a Group Ride event, you do that at the RGT website here are the visual steps:

First click Create Event

Then choose to Create a Group Ride

I chose the Magic Road that I created from a Sunday Road Ride but had to scroll the list to get it

Once I found MY Magic Road, I select it:

RGT Then show you the Event you are about to create and if you look down that page, you see the option to ADD a Workout. Click that:

Tap the UPLOADED Tab to find the workouts you’ve created from FIT Files and select the one you want to use:

In my case I chose Sub- Threshold with Surges 4x12:

Once selected, you’ll see the workout has been added to the event

There are other options to play with too, like how many laps, adding BOTS, real or pacing etc that you can fiddle with too. I messed up on my bot selection for my ride as the 5 I picked all finished well ahead of me and I did my workout all “alone”.


Brilliant thanks, I am strapped for time at the mo so I will run through all of this later this evening. Many thanks for taking the time to post all those screenshots and description. You can have the day off from suffering today !!


Ummm, that WAS suffering :wink:


ALL DONE!! Thanks, I didn’t mess around with the export options but can see how its done if needed. The reason why my original email to RGT failed was because I sent it to magicroads@ and not to workouts@ following the instructions from the magic roads page on the app. I didn’t even know that this was only for GPX files. One other thing, how do I get the rides I have created to show on the events page so others can join if they wish. thanks again

First, I am far from an expert here @ozmadman. My go to is the RGT support pages on the wahoo support site here and failing that there are a couple of Facebook groups with a very knowledgeable and super helpful bunch of volunteer users. There’s the FB RGT users group and the RGT Users Support group

The specific stuff you are asking about though should be found here:

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Did the ride this morning and it went fine but a couple of things… 1) Tried to increase the wattage by 20 watts on the export thingy before mailing the FIT file but it only increased it by 10 watts, it was a no vid with two power levels so does it just base the increase on the lower level…2) Had no Bots even though I set up some pacing ones but maybe I missed something there?..3) The ride doesn’t show in my completed rides in the workout section in the app, but other ones I did ages ago do And finally, I have four of the same downloaded workout in my library where I was faffing about trying to get a dowloaded file with the correct power targets, how do I delete them, searched everywhere and I can’t see how to? cheers

Greetings @ozmadman from your personal RGT Support Specialist (I’m really not that. I just have this compulsion to help and google stuff :stuck_out_tongue: ).

For Bots, I haven’t mastered that. My bots all left me in the dust, so very much like some of the more spirited group rides I’ve attempted to hang on to :man_shrugging: I think you’ll need to fiddle with their weights and the range of their output.

To delete a workout (not intuitive) scroll to the bottom of this page and look for the little trashcan:

To see the workout in the app, do you mean the SYSTM app or the RGT App. To see it in SYSTM, go to Progress>History Beta (this is a public version of some expanded history stuff). To see it in RGT go to the RGT users website, login and click the little clock at the top:

Seriously though, I strongly suggest you join the RGT Users Support group on FB. There’s people that have been using the app for years and are ALL very helpful.

Edit: i dont know anything about the FIT exporter. Had to fiddle with it myself. Not sure whether endurance paced workouts allow the increase or not. Honestly though, if I was just doing a straightforward endurance ride, I’d just leave it in level mode, change gears and enjoy the variation in terrain.


Thanks, will do that… found my finished workouts ok in ride history. I was just wondering how to delete my uploaded files from the workout page

I’d agree that it is worth joining the FB group (if you don’t have an aversion to FB). I am not a big fan of FB itself but the RGT communities are very helpful. Admittedly, I am perhaps biased as I am one of the moderators.

You have probably spotted it but in the Wahoo RGT support article that @Glen.Coutts posted, it mentions that the workouts only support power based on a percentage of FTP. I am guessing that may be why you got some strange results with absolute power levels.

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you need to read the WHOLE article :wink: That is, you dont delete by just finding them. If it was THAT easy…

From the article, to delete a workout:
Log in on the RGT User Website → Create Group Ride → Click on a road available → Click on Add Workout → Select the Uploaded tab and a workout can now be deleted from here

Pretty dumb that to delete a workout, you have to pretend to create an event and go through the whole process only to end up not creating an event at all. I’m sure it’s in the backlog of TTMB (Things To Make Better)

Thanks… yep done all that, read it and tried it. When I get to the uploaded tab and choose a workout I only get two options, cancel or select (should there be a delete option as well?)so I hit select and all that does is to add my downloaded workout to the group ride. I then go down and hit delete to delete the downloaded workout from the pretend created ride. And that’s what it does but It doesn’t delete the workout from my uploaded folder which is what I want. I have tried it a number of times and all four of my uploaded workouts are still in my unloaded folder and these are the ones I want to delete. Sorry to be a pain but this is doing my, and probably your, head in

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look for the little trash can and click that. You don’t have to go as far choosing, cancelling or selecting. Each of the workouts that you’ve uploaded will have a little trashcan icon.