Magic Roads uploads public or private?

Apologise if this has been asked before but I could not find info relating to my question so feel free to move and delete as needed.

Having just started a 14 day trial on RGT and seeing the magic roads function and wanting to try it out I was wondering if when I upload a Magic road does this route become public or is it something that is only in “my” Magic roads folder.

I ask as I am not sure if a route can be deleted or edited once uploaded and as I am so new to route planning etc I do not want to upload routes that may have iffy data making them a poor ride experience for a third party user if they choose to ride it. Or I end up loading the same route a few times to get smooth routing data and there is numerous options for the same route.

My guess would be there has to be a option to make it public or private? but I could be wrong.


They’re private unless you share them. You can also delete them if you wish. There’s a “My Magic Roads” link on the user portal you can use to do such things.


Ok thanks very much for the info.

Anyone with the MR ID or URL can copy your MR into their library. This will create a new MR ID for them. So segment leaderboards will be separate and if you delete or edit segments on your MR, theirs will still exist.

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