More level modes


Today we can use keys 0-9 to select a level setting.
Could we get more levels in between these? 0,0 - 9,9, and perhaps 2 buttons to toggle up/down, like we can with 4DP %
keys 0-9 could be quick shift to 1,0 2,0 3,0 etc…

The reason for this, is the FF!
When I try to find the right level/gear to match the power and cadence I want, I find it hard to get it perfect.
I ride on a MTB, with a 11-46 cassette, so every gear change might be 20-30W… and there’s a big difference between 20 minutes at 70 rpm or 90rpm…

Would this be possible for a future update?


This would also be quite handy but I think it may he difficult to integrate with keyboard shortcuts.

One thing I’d like is some keyboard shortcuts to lower individual 4DP metrics.

I did FF today, and these were my very thoughts while I was riding.