More RGT Grief

I did my first RGT workout today. I started doing the full Wahoo RGT Santos Festival Of Cycling 2022 Women’s Stage 1 in Australia in magic roads and wondered why it was so easy? After 18 minutes I stopped it and checked my settings and I had ERG mode on and it was set to 100 watts. I put it in level mode and started again. This ride is a tough 3 hours + so I was extremely annoyed to see that all my hard effort had not synced to the Systm calendar. What has synced is the original first 18 minutes of the duff ride!! I have checked the history in the elemnt app and it is not in there either, only the first duff ride. How can I get the proper ride to sync to my calendar

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I don’t know about how the Wahoo Elemnt stuff works so may not be able to help but, out of interest, are the rides registered in your ride history on RGT?

One way to view this is via the website:

You can also view it in the app.

Yes they are thanks