More RGT Users Riding

I’m a somewhat new RGT user, been using it for a few months at this point. I dabble between magic roads, puttering around the normal roads, and then Training Peaks workouts on normal roads so I don’t have that much of a view backwards in time but…

Is it just me or is the ridership in the normal roads increasing?

It felt like for awhile I wouldn’t see anyone on my rides there or maybe one person, but over the past while it’s been 4+ people.

I should perhaps clarify that I don’t find this off putting or anything, it’s exciting, it elicits a “THAT’S A REAL PERSON!” reaction.


@jcolp I am seeing the same. I think one of the overall issues is there are so many places to ride and the ability to do private events and Magic Roads but on the Just Ride locations I am definitely seeing an uptick.


It’d typically get busier this time of year anyway, but there’s definitely more riders on there now than ever before. There’s even been over 100 riders in a couple of the recent races I’ve done. Hopefully a sign of things to come :rocket:

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