My Internet Is PERFECT! Why Am I Having Problems with RGT ;-)

There’s nothing wrong with my internet - “It works with Zwift”

Internet Connection Stability:
Some users have assumed (naturally perhaps) that RGT is at fault if they have a poor experience on the platform. RGT, as has been said before, is not cached - everything is in real-time - what you see is what everyone else sees. Zwift is cached and irons out some internet hiccups, but at the expense of different users seeing diffent rider positions (1st to one user can be 5th to another)! The same occurs with streaming video - it’s called buffering.
If you get a disruption in your broadband on RGT (that would probably go unnoticed in web browsing etc) it can have a significant impact on your ride. If your Avatar starts behaving oddly and riding round in circles - it hasn’t had too much free hospitality, it may just not know where to go next :joy:. It’s lost it’s directions from the servers… If it seems to jump about a bit and time warp from one part of the course to another the same applies. There are other symptoms too.

I therefore, wanted to offer a couple of tools that I’ve found useful for checking your internet connection stability - Ping Tests, Latency, etc. I’m sure some will have other tools they prefer, but these look fairly robust and my Internet Provider (ISP) in the UK was happy to accept results from these tests as the basis for carrying out further tests on my line. I’d been experiencing screen freezes due to micro disconnections for a couple of weeks and these tests provided the information I needed to get my Internet Service Provider to take action. They found poor connections in the local cabinet and once they were fixed my problems stopped :slight_smile:

SPEED is not particularly important for a good experience in RGT - STABILITY IS! (10mbs is quite adequate for RGT)
If you see lots of red orange or :scream: black lines then you may have a problem either locally within your property or further afield.

Also this test here:

These tests are not endorsed by RGT, they are simply my recommendation and have been used by many RGT users to good effect. :slight_smile:
RGT isn’t perfect, but sometimes things can happen that are beyond their control :slight_smile:


Thank you @RGT-FB-Moderator for sharing useful experience.

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