New magic roads added to library

Go check the Wahoo RGT Toolbox [Wahoo RGT (] (log in with your Wahoo RGT email and password) ( or the library in RGT for a new release of Magic Roads! ( RGT’s own Magic Roads can not be edited)
You can now also delete and share roads from your own library and create segments in your OWN Magic Roads :slight_smile:

RGT App Magic Roads Library:

RGT Toolbox Library

Personal Magic Road Segment Creation


Sorry but I am a relatively new user of RGT. Where exactly is the RGT Toolbox Library?

@Critmark Login to your account in and there is Toolbox

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Not what I see when I log in. The first screen I get has three options across the top: Just Ride, Events & Workouts. As I work down the vertical menu on the left side (Home, My Account, Equipment, Magic Roads, Sensors or Help, I didn’t click Change User) those three options at the top do not change. Toolbox never appears???

Note that I am logging in from the APP.

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OK, I used the website instead of the app. I do see the Toolbox. Odd that this does not appear in the App.

However, clicking on My Magic Roads takes me to the rides I have added to my library. That option I do have in the App. I do not see any new releases which is what intrigued me about your post.

Clearly I am missing something.

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Toolbox section is available in web interface only. I have never created any magic road, but in “My magic roads” section I have availabe new roads as in original screenshot from @RGT-FB-Moderator. Maybe check the filter if you are not filtering out the roads to your roads only. Open “My magic roads” and there is search/filter toolbar:

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I found it. Playing with it now. Thanks.

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The Toolbox, being web based, is easier to view and search than app itself. The Toolbox is my default destination when looking for Event/Races and Magic Roads :slight_smile: I do agree though, that the App itself could perhaps be made easier to search for things like this, but I’m not sure if the programming structure would allow for it.

Thanks for explaining @rdo :slight_smile: ! I’ve been busy servicing my wheel hubs this afternoon, ready for a ride tomorrow, and have only just caught up here :wink:

I hope you managed to find your way around it and can see how useful it can be :slight_smile: I keep a shortcut to it on my PC and Phone :slight_smile:

Yes and no. I don’t See anything that resembles “new release of Magic Roads!” that is referenced by the OP. When I click on the filters icon as suggested it take me to a filters page which is significantly limited.

I Have no idea on anyone who may have created a Magic Road to that criteria must be ALL. That leaves only the country and the shape. When I use the following criteria: ALL + UNITED STATES + ALL SHAPES it returns 25 rides ALL of which I added to my library. So it found me NO NEW RIDES.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is screenshot with all roads that are available for me under “My magic roads” (I have not created any magic route by myself so far). All these routes I consider as new :grinning:. @Critmark notice, that only one of them is from United States (“New York Central Park V3”). One is “Shanghai crit”. And the rest is located in Europe.


Thanks @rdo but I think I am on a different wave length that everyone else here. I have no problems finding all the rides I have loaded. What I am looking for are NEW rides to add to my library.

Per the OP, I thought there was a feature where new rides to RGT could be found that I could load to my library. Specifically, the post says:

I read that as there are new Magic Roads for subscribers to explore. Silly me.

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@Critmark Yes - it is confusing. The magic roads are actually on a separate site not run by RGT - link below. My impression is that this was very much a grass roots project at one point and now Wahoo is working on building out the platform.

Magic Roads

The new Magic Roads are ALREADY in your RGT App Magic Road library - you don’t need to ADD/Import them :-). The main RGT App isn’t the easiest thing to find a Magic Road in and I hope this will be streamlined in the future! Let’s use this example: Alp De Huez is one of the new Magic Roads. In the RGT App / Magic Roads section, type Alpe into the search field and then click the SEARCH button. The road then becomes available for a QUICK RIDE :slight_smile:

A better way (in my opinion) to view the available Magic Roads from your PERSONAL library is by looking at the RGT Toolbox Magic Roads list Wahoo RGT ( . You will need to log on using your existing email and password.
If you use the sort button, you can list all the Magic Roads created by YOU.

At the moment you can’t filter just the RGT created Magic Roads and I hope that option is offered at some time.
Once you find a Magic Road you would like to ride, you can either go back to the RGT App and either scroll through the pages until you find it OR type it’s name in the SEARCH field (above) , and then start a QUICK RIDE. Another (maybe easier for some) method is by creating an EVENT or Race in the Toolbox:

A Magic Road ride takes about 4 minutes to create, so as long as you set the start time at least 5 or 6 minutes ahead,

you will have time to go back to the RGT App and find the Event in your EVENTS list under ‘REGISTERED’ Before you get that far, as long as the EVENT is due to start (I think) within the next 30 minutes, you will get a red banner at the top of the RGT App that you can click to go straight to the start line :slight_smile:

I HOPE this makes it clearer to you @Critmark :slight_smile:

If you find any aspect of navigating RGT confusing or wish to comment on any thing else, you can use the ‘Submit a request’ option here - it’s not just for tech support :slight_smile: RGT – Wahoo Fitness Support

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@RGT-FB-Moderator using the Alp De Huez example, you added that to everyone’s ‘Your Magic Roads’, if I am understanding correctly. That raises two questions.

  1. How often is a new ride added?
  2. How am I to know something has been added to my library?


  1. There haven’t been any new magic roads added by RGT for a while - these New RGT Created Roads are available to all PREMIUM Users to give them some iconic rides to experience without the need to add them themselves. They will all have generic scenery, unlike Real Roads that have specially created art work featuring artistic representations of the real world scenery :slight_smile:
    Any PREMIUM user can import a .gpx file of ANY road from anywhere in the world at any time to their own library. There are no restrictions on that. Importing your own gpx files is easy but they often need a little smoothing to get the best ride experience as the files can be quite ‘noisy’ and have lumps and spikes in the road that aren’t there in real life (gpx files were never designed to be used this way). Those added by RGT will already have been optimised to give a good ride experience.
  2. RGT made announcements on various social media platforms about the new roads:

Please note that I don’t work for RGT :slight_smile: I’m a volunteer moderator in all of RGT’s Facebook Groups and also their Web Blog :slight_smile: I’ve been using RGT for approaching 4 years :slight_smile: My knowledge comes from my own experience on the platform and that gained through researching topics to assist others etc, etc, etc. I do have direct contact with the original RGT support technician and also several of the RGT staff :slight_smile:

We have 4 community lead FB groups (Users/Events/Support & Magic Roads) as well as the official RGT groups above . There is also a large group on Discord :slight_smile: