Nit: Image Reversed on Homepage

A nit. The advertisement for UAE Tour 2 on the home page has the images mirrored. It graph shows the big sprint at the beginning.

Here’s the homepage:

Here’s the actual page from the Library:

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That’s a new feature of SYSTM, you can now choose to do the workouts in reverse. Get the hard parts over with at the start and cruise to the finish :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:


My mistake then. Maybe the graph in the library is mirrored :thinking: :thinking:

I tried that but pedaling backwards for an hour is much harder than you think! :crazy_face:


I’m thinking of doing a reverse Knighthood quest where I undo my Knighthood, then undo the last 6 Tours of Sufferlandria and return to Couchlandria for a life of ease, quiet and sloth




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Lol. View from the inside looking out?

Mirror image. Same thing. If you go through the looking glass, you should have some idea what to expect.

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