No audience sound in most rides?

I’m new in RGT. I have a subscription. I have problems with sound in RGT. I can hear RGT start up the sound, I can hear wheel noise from other riders. I can not hear the audience in most of the just rides. Sound is ON in the option menu! Only in the Dunoon Seefront ride I hear the cheering and clapping when driving by spectatators. In most other rides I see the audience clapping and cheering but I hear only wheel sound? I have changed access to RGT from another PC and android phone, but it is the same problem. RGT App has been deleted and reinstalled. Is the normal behaviour of the RGT or what can I do to repair ths issue? I can only find in this Forums one person in 2021 mentioning this issue, but no reaction or solution is given! is the audience sound working allways for everyone?
Hopefully waiting for some response or a solution. Best regards

There isn’t much sound and it isn’t very loud. There is crowd noise on events where you go past groups of people.

There has been some discussion on the Facebook group eg RGT cycling - users Public Group | Facebook

Thanks Robin, I found the facebook group. A lot of people seems using there own soundtrack and don’t like to many other sounds. Because I also made a service ticket and received an answer here after a short summery: ”
What you’re describing is the expected behavior - we generally don’t have ambient or crowd noises in most t of our real road rides. This allows for you to choose your own soundtrack, or participate in the race radio/voice chat going on in the ride.”

Best Regards

The new road (Dunoon) has sea gulls, this is a good test to see if you hear the game sound or not :smiley: