No rest days on Sprint Triathlon plan

I added a Sprint Triathlon plan to my calendar and i noticed there are not days off, at all. It’s this right? I have never followed a plan before without rest days, at least one every week? I could add them myself or just dont do one of the workouts but my OCD is going to be off the charts if i do🤣

First welcome to the forum. Which Sprint Plan did you load? I selected Moderate Volume 3:1 Progression, NO Strength, yoga or Mental to see what that looked like. While not a lot, there were a few days off over the 12 weeks.

When I added any of the other components, there are ‘days off’ there are days with just 15 minutes of yoga plus a Mental exercise and other days with just a short Yoga session . So nothing really physical.

Look at the schedule carefully and it may not be as unrelenting as you think.

Good luck. I have been doing Tris for years and love the sport.

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Hello everyone, I am also a little surprised, that there are almost to Rest days. I chose a sprint plan 2:1 with and without extras (yoga etc), and almost every day there are 1-2 workouts planned.
That doesn’t seem sustainable… (or feasible with work/family commitments, or is it just the nature of Tri plans?)

Thanks for any help on that.

My wife used to be a triathlete. While a sprint triathlon should be doable with modest training (depending on your goals and starting point), the old saying about triathlon training isn’t wrong, especially for longer distances or higher goals.

Triathlon training, work, family&friends: pick two.

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