North America Tue Niter: 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern

The NorCal Tue Niter has become the North America Tue Niter and is now organized by Tyler Bronder! Thanks to Tyler for helping keep this series going. But the change in name means a change in scope as we can now extend well beyond the borders of humble California to tackle many of the iconic courses from around the continent.

We have RGTHub links! The following are events in the series, some already held, most yet to come:

date course RGTHub link
2023-09-12 Maryland Cycling Classic RGTDb
2023-09-19 Briargate Loop RGTDb
2023-09-26 GP Cyclist de Québec RGTDb
2023-10-03 Tulsa Tough Bluedome RGTDb
2023-10-10 US Pro Philly RGTDb
2023-10-17 Tulsa Tough Bradyville RGTDb
2023-10-24 GP Cyclist de Montréal RGTDb

IRL Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec (2022):


I have ridden Briargate in COS. Beautiful.

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Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you remembered to wave when you passed my (old) house! :slight_smile:

I was there MANY years ago when my daughter attended Colorado College. Did a fair share of biking while my wife and daughter did their decorating thing in my daughter’s apartment. Apparently (and happily), I was just in the way. :wink:

RGT may be going away, but the servers are still running in October so North America Tuesday NIter will continue until the bittersweet end!

Tomorrow night visits Tulsa Oklahoma for the Bluedome crit circuit which promises flat and furious crit action. Help us send RGT out on a high note by joining in the fun!


This week: Tulsa Tough Criterium, Bradyville.

This is the second of three Tulsa Tough courses for which Alex Plager created magic roads. We’d planned on doing all three in the series, but then RGT decided otherwise, so this will be the last we do.


North America Tue Niter: Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal

6 PM PACIFIC, 24 OCT 2023

This is the penultimate North America Tue Niter, the finale taking place on the last day of RGT, Halloween.

But today’s stage will be a memorable experience: two laps of the feared World Tour circuit race in Montréal, Canada, with several climbs each lap, the main one being on the slopes of Mont Royale itself. Yup – this is a hard one.

Climbers unite. You’ll have plenty of time to recover in November and beyond…

full race IRL: