Nov 8: Join the Wahoo SYSTM Content Team on RGT!

Ride with the Wahoo SYSTM Content Team!.

If you love to hate The Sufferfest, swoon to the views of On Location, get wrapped up in the stories of A Week With, cozy up with a good film from Inspiration…or enjoy any of the other content within SYSTM, then come join the team that makes it all. On the ride should be David (Sufferfest Founder and SYSTM Head of Content), @michael.cotty (On Location), @Francois-Wahoo (Sufferfest, ProRides), @Cody.Moore (Inspiration) and @Eddie.RogersTKP (The Knowledge & AWW).

It’s on Tuesday 8th Nov 2pm USA EST // 7pm UK GMT // Weds 9 Nov 6am AEST. We’ll be on the private voice chat channel CONTENT. 2 laps of the Leuven circuit (or less if you feel like less). See you there! (If you don’t have RGT yet, you can download it and sign in with your Wahoo X/SYSTM log-in details).

Sign up here!


@David.McQuillen.KoS Looking forward to it!

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Almost signed up but imma be out of town for a coupla days. Hopefully there’ll be a next time.


Woop, I’ll be there. It kinda clashes with the school run and work, but I’ll make a plan.


Great idea!! An opportunity to virtually ride with some of the instigators of many a painful Sufferfest session. :grin: I checked scheduled events in RGT and don’t see it yet for the stated day/time. Not sure if I’m missing something on the scheduling end.

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Sign-up here Rick! It’s not public until we get 20 riders.

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It’s getting a bit hot here for outdoor riding so I’ve signed up for this. Looking forward to it even though it’s a 5:00am start up here in the sunshine state!!!

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Only if Queensland had daylight saving time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Greetings from Adelaide, where it’ll be 5:30am start.

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Just signed up. It will be tricky as it is my go to bed time for my toddler but will definetely try to join.
I guess is a no-drop group ride… :innocent:

@David.McQuillen.KoS Is the Rubber Band feature enabled for this ride?

It better be given Mike Cotty is riding. :rofl:

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I’ve registered, and looking forward to it.

A question about the times: iin RGT, it’s showing up for me at 11:00am Pacific Time (we’ll be on PST then - daylight savings finishes on November 6), which would be 2:00pm Eastern.

Gah! Didn’t realize you guys were yet to move to DST. Just updated my note to indicate 2pm EST.

I didn’t have it set originally, but then I realized that even with a broken collarbone and a course with little opportunity to attack, @michael.cotty will still drop us all on the short climb. So I’ve changed it to rubber band. :slight_smile:


I wondered what triggered the event update email this morning. :joy:

Not my typical time since our Kids will be going to bed too. But if my riding buddy @michael.cotty is there I have to make it!
Who would have expected me riding with him shortly after calling him my training partner in the wahoo raffle on Insta. All the best wishes and hope Mike can actually be back on his bike soon, maybe even for the event.

@doctordarko You can always see the reason for the event update mentioned within the email as in this case: "Rubber band changed from OFF to ON "

Don’t know if it’s important @David.McQuillen.KoS, but here you’ve written “3 laps” and in RGT only “2 laps” are listed. If not just ignore my message.


Gah! Fixed. Thanks.

Sorry Sir David but another Gah! This thread still shows 9th being Thursday rather than Wednesday. :sunglasses:


Double gah! Fixed