Now you see me - now you don’t

RGT has found a potential issue that may be causing more users than expected to see strange avatar behaviour. RGT apologises for the way it has been affecting some users. For now, if you are affected by this, please reduce your video quality to medium or low, whichever works best. A Fix will be released as soon as possible. Once again, huge, apologies to those that have experienced this and also to those that have gone to so much trouble to help RGT by providing feedback!

Original Issue
A few users have reported that Avatars close to them sometimes disappear and reappear while the name still appears in the list of riders close by.

This may well be the explanation:

If there are many riders nearby you, some might automatically disappear to give you an improved FPS. This will depend on the graphics quality level you have set.

HOWEVER sometimes it may trigger on very powerful pcs, **if you believe that is the case for you, then please submit a help request before closing RGT for that ride session